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We just love all the film news this week. Nothing makes us smile quite so much as a great book being adapted for the big screen, except the possible mention of Mr Darcy, oops we meant Colin Firth. Sorry Colin!

First we had news of The Book Thief being adapted, starring none other than Emily Watson and Geoffrey Rush, now we have news that S.J. Watson’s bestselling thriller Before I Go To Sleep is heading for the screen with filming beginning at the end of the month. The book is an international bestseller with rights sold in 42 countries.

Here is a snippet of the review from The Guardian.

“The most unnerving aspect of Before I Go to Sleep is the way it is rooted in the domestic, the suburban, the trivial. Forget whizz-bang futurism: it proceeds from ordinary life in tiny, terrifying steps, and is all the better for it.”

The book is a creepy thriller. Christine wakes in an unfamiliar bed beside a man she does not recognise. Every morning Ben must explain to his wife that he is her husband.

She is a forty seven years old. A terrible accident twenty years earlier left her with irreparable damage. At the end of each day her memory is erased. The last 24 hours are lost. Just before she goes to sleep fragments of her life come back to her, but are then erased by morning. After a Dr Nash makes contact with her and she discovers her journal things begin to fall into place.

Colin Firth will play Ben and Nicole Kidman his wife, Christine, in the film, which also stars Mark Strong and Anne-Marie Duff. . Australians have such good taste when it comes to selecting the perfect book adaptation.

The film is written and will be directed by Rowan Joffe, produced by Scott Free and developed with StudioCanal.

Have you read the book? Do you think Colin Frith and Nicole Kidman will do the characters justice?

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