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Coldplay Ignite

On November 23, 2012

By Rebecca McRitchie

On Sunday the 18th of November, Coldplay held their second Sydney show in their Mylo Xyloto Tour at Allianz Stadium. And what a show it was.

The first act, The Pierces, opened to many empty seats as fans slowly began to filter through the doors. However, Australian indie favourites, The Temper Trap, who soon followed, were welcomed with intense fervour as fans excitedly sung along to their hits – ‘Love Lost’, ‘Fader’, ‘Trembling Hands’ and ‘Sweet Disposition’.

The Mylo Xyloto Tour marks Coldplay’s transition from performing in arenas to outdoor stadiums and it was celebrated with a bang, actually, many bangs as fireworks followed the Back to the Future opening theme and begun the memorable first chords of ‘Hurts Like Heaven’.

Only four songs in and there wasn’t a moment to breathe for fans as fireworks, confetti canons, large confetti-filled balls, activated LED wristbands, laser lights and life-sized teardrops and hearts all made for a beautiful and awe-inducing accompaniment to Coldplay’s perfect song delivery.

Like their previous Viva La Vida Tour, Coldplay performed some stripped-down songs on an island stage at the back of the stadium, which proved a delight for fans that were unfortunately positioned away from the main stage.

The highlights of the night were ‘In My Place’, ‘Clocks’, ‘Fix you’, ‘The Scientist’ ‘Violet Hill’, ‘Viva La Vida’, ‘Paradise’ and ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’. Alas, those hoping to hear the intensely instrumental and beautiful ‘Politik’ will be disappointed as this song was left out of the Mylo Xyloto Tour set list.

As always, Coldplay pulled off a stellar performance. Though a Mylo Xyloto Tour, ‘Viva La Vida’ continues to be the Coldplay anthem. Fans erupting in chorus to the song’s melodic chant during song breaks, to coax the band back on stage and even on the long walk back to cars is something that represents why Coldplay are often called the World’s Biggest Band.



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