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Film review: Goddess

On March 13, 2013

By Sophia Whitfield

Elspeth Dickens, isolated mother of feisty twin boys, sings at her sink, as the madness of her day finally dissipates. Husbandless, neurotic and in desperate need of a life outside of the family home, Elspeth reinvents herself.

Based on the 1996 one women show, Sink Songs by Joanna Weinberg, Goddess stars British musical talent Laura Michelle Kelly in the lead role.

Elspeth Dickens is a stay-at-home mum wrangling twin three year old boys who continually draw unwanted attention to themselves and their sleep deprived, lonely mother. While her husband is gone for weeks on end, saving the world, Elspeth has agreed to stay home and nurture their two boys.

Idyllic as it is, Tasmania does not present any opportunities for a young English mother of two to socialise. In an attempt to temper the loneliness her husband buys Elspeth a webcam so she can communicate with him wherever he is in the great wide ocean. The difficulty is her whale watching husband is never logged on, so Elspeth, a former cabaret star, begins to talk and sing, from the kitchen sink, to anyone who might be watching her webcast.

Elspeth soon makes a name for herself, accruing a huge following of fans. Advertising executive Cassandra Wolfe, played by the lovable Magda Szubanski, hears about Elspeth’s exploits and swiftly recruits her as the figure head for the “Goddess’ campaign, a new laptop designed just for women. Delighted to finally be noticed, Elspeth employs a nanny, sets up a nanny-cam, to keep an eye on her boys, and heads for the bright lights of Sydney.

This is a film full of fun. Laura Michelle Kelly showcases her ample musical talent as the all singing, all dancing mother of two. However it is Ronan Keating that surprises, making his acting debut as James, Elspeth’s environmentally conscious husband. Keating is endearing in his role as James, the scenes with the twin boys are delightfully authentic.  The remainder of the cast puts the Australian stamp firmly on this film. It is a musical through and through, even Magda Szubanski breaks into song in a staggering number with sequins galore.

Written and directed by Australian Mark Lamprell, this is a film that does not pretend to be anything other than it is. It oozes charm and frivolity ensuring that filmgoers leave with a bounce in their step and a smile on their face.

Goddess is released in cinemas around Australia tomorrow.


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