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By Sophia Whitfield

With a gaggle of Trekkies anticipating the release of J.J. Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness, it had high expectations. It is played out as the prequel to the original TV series and subsequent films.

The film opens in dramatic style with Spock (Zachary Quinto) lowered into an erupting volcano he must abate in order to save the planet. When he gets into trouble Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) contravenes Starfleet regulations by revealing the Enterprise to the locals in order to retrieve Spock from certain disaster.

Having broken the rules Kirk is reported to his superiors by an impassive Spock. The Enterprise is taken from Kirk and Spock reassigned. However Kirk’s punishment is short-lived after a shocking act of terror kills Starfleet members. Captain Kirk, with Spock by his side, leads his crew on a manhunt to capture the villain responsible and bring him to justice.

The plot moves and twists at a fast pace, hampered, in part, by a weak screenplay. However the actors are impressive particularly Cumberbatch, Pine and Quinto. Benedict Cumberbatch aptly plays John Harrison, a former disgruntled Starfleet officer with a score to settle. His fierce gazing and up close and personal exaggerated diction makes him an aloof and steely adversary.

The visual effects are impressive in all their 3D glory, even if London looks a little startling with all its space age buildings. Star Trek fans will flock to see this latest film and for those who are not already loyal fans, this latest addition is simply thrilling entertainment.

Star Trek Into Darkness is out now.

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