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By James Whitfield (14)

In this adaptation of JRR Tolkienís book The Hobbit,†Peter Jackson convinced the audience that he could make the second movie genuinely better than the first. He may have strayed off the course of the original book with introducing new characters, but he did it so well you just wonít care.

The way Peter Jackson developed all the characters, not just Bilboís, was nothing short of brilliant. Thorinís need for his homeland to be returned to him and his deep hatred of the wood elves is understood. We also discover a very unexpected love story. I wonít say anymore, but it will shock you.

The movie starts way back when Gandalf (Ian McKellen) first meets Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) and then returns to the present with Gandalf and the dwarves and Bilbo travelling through the woods. They travel to the dark and dangerous forest of Mirkwood and then to the nice and comfortable beds of Laketown. They then travel to the mountain where the dwarves reveal to Bilbo (Martin Freeman) his true purpose on the journey.

The action sequences and the fight scenes were very well done and in 3D they made it work well, unlike other films where you think youíre wearing 3D glasses for no reason at all other to be fashionable.

All in all I donít think it's The Lord of the Rings standard, but it is nearly there. I think it deserves 8.3/10.

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