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Pendulum by Adam Hamdy

On January 18, 2017

By Sophia Whitfield

Adam Hamdy is a writer and filmmaker. His novel Pendulum is so visual you can see it coming to life on the screen as you read.

John Wallace is a photographer who finds himself at the mercy of a killer. Left to die he manages to escape his masked attacker only to spend the rest of the novel on the run. As others around him die he tries to find the connection between each death. What is the connection to him?

The killer has been clever; he has disguised each one of his killings as a suicide. Even the families of the deceased believe their loves ones have committed suicide. Wallace must convince them otherwise in order to hunt down his killer whilst on the run. Aided by a detective who believes in him Wallace is on a mission to solve the mystery surrounding all these seemingly random suicides. But he is running out of time with the killer is on his heels.

Hamdy’s novel has an intriguing plot, which is sure to end up on the big screen. It races to the finish.

You can buy the book in Australia here and in the UK here.

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