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Directed, written and produced by Academy Award-nominated Andrew Adamson, Mr. Pip is based on Lloyd Jones' novel which won the Commonwealth Writers' Prize and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. The film was shot on location in Bougainville, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.

After the trouble starts and the soldiers arrive on Matilda’s tropical island, only one white person stays behind. Mr Watts (Hugh Laurie) wears a red nose and pulls his wife around on a trolley. Mr Watts begins to read aloud to the class from his battered copy of Great Expectations, a book by his friend Mr Dickens.

Soon Dickens' hero Pip starts to come alive for Matilda (Xzannjah Matsi). She writes his name in the sand and decorates it with shells. Pip becomes as real to her as her own mother, and the greatest friendship of her life has begun.

But Matilda is not the only one who believes in Pip. And, on an island at war, the power of the imagination can be a dangerously provocative thing.

The film will be released in Australia on November 7.

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